10 Essential Beliefs of Buddhism

If you are new to Buddhism or just curious above Buddhist beliefs, then the following ten core beliefs of Buddhism is a great over of Buddhism.

Each belief is linked to more detailed articles if you would liked more information.

1. Buddhists do not depend on the existence of a Creator God, being an eternal omnipresent God who created the world and who can save others. Instead, Buddhists consider salvation from suffering to be an individual affair.

2. Buddhists believe that lasting happiness is possible for anyone. Buddhists believe that enlightenment is available to anyone if they are willing put in the mental practice and effort. The only requirements are to start and to continue.

3. Buddhists believe in the Middle Way, which means that you should live life in a balanced and reasonable manner that avoids extremes. Moderation in all things.

4. Buddhists believe that good morals serve as the foundation of Buddhism. The practice of morality means to intentionally refrain from harmful activities and to engage in helpful, positive pursuits. Morality leads towards inner peace by creating a sense of tranquility and strength.

5. Buddhists believe that they are the owners of their Karma. Buddhists believe that if they intentionally do good deeds, then good will come to them sooner or later. If they intentionally do bad deeds, then bad will come to them sooner or later.

6. Buddhists believe that meditation is essential to practicing Buddhism. Buddhists believe that they should train their minds with daily meditation in order to develop wisdom.

7. Buddhists believe that the only thing constant is change. Buddhists believe that nothing is permanent and that nothing will last forever.

8. Buddhists believe that their greed and anger are the root causes of their unhappiness. Buddhists believe that if they can eliminate their greed and anger, then they will find inner peace.

9. Buddhists believe that generosity, kindness and compassion are the keys to happiness. Buddhists believe that generosity is the antidote to greed and that kindness and compassion are the antidotes to anger.

10. Buddhists believe that Nirvana is the ultimate goal of Buddhism. Buddhists define Nirvana as the state of ultimate happiness and inner peace that arises when they have eliminated all their cravings and desires.

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